We want to make a product that can promote our country


The power of Community


Our goal is to promote Indonesian coffee by introducing and presenting the best of it to the market. We want to build a sense of pride of Indonesian People in consuming Indonesian coffee. 


Our dream, Our action


To make truly great coffee, we believe it’s crucial to produce them in ways
that are ethical and fair. We go deep into our trading practice and take actions.

Value of the Quality & Focus on the track

- Purchasing the highest quality of Indonesian coffee bean

- Committing in transparent and traceable implementation

- Building direct & long term partnership


Do something for our community


While we are proud of the work we’ve done, we know we are far from perfect and we realize we can still do better. It won’t happen overnight, but we are striving to get better day by day. As you explore our work, we hope it inspires you to do something for communities around you.